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If there is a grey area in a workers' compensation case, it usually involves repeat injuries or aggravation of pre-existing injuries. Many employers and insurance companies do not want to pay out for claims if the injury already existed. You need a workers' compensation lawyer with experience to help you through the complicated workers' compensation process.

I am David W. Clark, Wheaton attorney for aggravation of pre-existing conditions. I have been in the workers' compensation field for 20 years. I can help you through this process to get the compensation you need to recover and get back on your feet.

Illinois Pre-Existing Injury Attorney

Almost any injury can become an aggravated pre-existing injury, including:

  • Back and neck injuries: Back injuries are particularly hard to prove because of the fine line between a new distinct injury and a new accident that made an old injury worse. If we can clearly establish that a change has occurred and the condition has worsened, we should be able to get you the coverage you need.
  • Knee injuries: Many of my clients have had an arthritic knee. Then accidents happen at work and they need a replacement.
  • Shoulder injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome: These are just a couple of examples of repetitive injuries that employees can sustain from performing the same physical action repeatedly, whether it's lifting or typing.
  • Brain and head injuries: Concussions and traumatic brain injury can be easily re-aggravated with one more workplace fall injury.

Regardless of how your injury was re-aggravated, I can help you through the process of workers' compensation, from the initial evaluation and filing all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, if necessary.

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I fight for my clients, but I also care about my clients. I want you to understand what it is you are facing in the workers' compensation process, and I want you to have an attorney you feel comfortable with. This is why I offer free initial consultations for injured workers in Illinois. E-mail my office or call me at 630-665-5678 to schedule your free consultation. I will take the time to help you understand what I can do for you as your attorney, and what the process will look like, so you can make an informed decision.


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