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Are Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Illinois?

 Posted on March 11, 2022 in Personal Injury

IL accident lawyerDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were hopeful that reduced traffic would lead to fewer car accidents. With more people working from home, as well as a reduction in the amount of time people spend face-to-face with others, this has led to fewer vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, decreased traffic has not had the positive effect that was hoped for, and in fact, pedestrian accidents have increased significantly over the past couple of years in Illinois and throughout the United States. In many cases, these accidents are fatal, and many pedestrians suffer wrongful deaths after being struck by negligent drivers.

Reasons for the Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities

Although it makes sense to expect that decreased traffic on the roads would be safer for pedestrians, this has actually led to an increase in dangerous driving behaviors. Open roads have given drivers the opportunity to exceed the speed limits more often. At the same time, many police departments have decreased their enforcement efforts in the name of protecting officers from potential infections by reducing person-to-person contact.

Increased rates of speeding have been even more dangerous when coupled with other unsafe behaviors by drivers. Rates of drug and alcohol abuse have increased during the pandemic, meaning that more drivers are getting behind the wheel when they are under the influence of these substances. Increased stress levels have also led to unsafe driving practices, and some experts believe that when people put so much mental effort toward preventing infections and maintaining safety during their daily lives, they are less likely to focus on driving safely. Because of this, many drivers may behave aggressively or take risky actions, putting pedestrians at risk.

These issues have combined with other trends that have affected pedestrian safety over the past decade, making pedestrian accidents, injuries, and fatalities even more likely. Most new cars purchased during this time have been SUVs, trucks, or vans, and while these vehicles provide good protection for their occupants, they are more likely to inflict severe or fatal injuries when they collide with pedestrians. In many cities, the roads themselves are unsafe for pedestrians, and accidents may occur because sidewalks do not provide enough protection from traffic, intersections are not designed in a way that protects the safety of people crossing the road, and sufficient lighting is not provided to ensure that drivers can see and avoid pedestrians.

Contact Our DuPage County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

When drivers act unsafely and cause injuries to pedestrians, victims of these accidents will want to take action to recover financial compensation. The Law Offices of David W. Clark, P.C. can provide legal help in these cases, and we can help injured pedestrians pursue compensation that will fully address their injuries and damages. To get legal help with your case, contact our Bloomingdale pedestrian injury lawyer at 630-665-5678 and arrange a free consultation.


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