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Counterfeit Bicycle Helmets Could Cause Major Injuries

Posted on in Catastrophic Injuries

IL injury lawyerBicycles are increasing in popularity for exercise and recreation, as well as an alternative method of transportation. Bicycle riders need to take measures to protect themselves while riding their bike. It is important to remember bicycles do not have the same safety measures built-in to their vehicle as an automobile does and take the proper precautions, such as wearing a helmet, having proper reflective surfaces on the bike and clothing, wearing pads, etc. However, there is a growing problem regarding counterfeit bicycle helmets and the possibility of injury due to the poor quality of those helmets.

Lack of Protection

Counterfeit helmets often do not meet the federal safety standards for the protection a bicycle helmet should provide. During tests to compare fake bicycle helmets with real ones, the counterfeit ones completely break, while the real ones do not. The counterfeit helmets are more likely to not protect at all against injury or death from a bicycle accident, which is not something people want to hear about their bicycle helmet.

How to Determine If the Helmet Is Counterfeit

A counterfeit helmet may look just like a normal helmet at first glance. However, if examined closely, there are some key differences between the two. The first factor to evaluate is the price. If the helmet is cheap, especially if it is a specialized helmet, chances are good it is fake. Additionally, for a safety measure that is going to protect your life, it may not be the greatest idea to buy a cheap helmet anyway. Doing the research on what normal bicycle helmets should cost from reputable dealers and comparing the prices you see will go a long way towards making sure your helmet is not counterfeit.

Another element to examine on helmets is the safety stickers. The counterfeit helmets usually will not have the proper markings stating they meet the standards the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has set for helmets. The materials used are also often thin and do not have the proper weight or padding a real helmet has. The sizing chart on the helmet should also be in the United States sizing instead of Asian sizing.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries from a bicycle accident can be serious. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident and wish to pursue compensation, you may need to reach out to an experienced DuPage County bicycle accident attorney. The lawyers at The Law Offices of David W. Clark, P.C. will work with you and provide the knowledge gained through years of personal injury law experience. If you would like to set up a free initial consultation, please contact us at 630-665-5678.




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