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Flame Retardants Ban Update

Posted on in Catastrophic Injuries

Illinois injury attorneyAlthough initially created to protect consumers from injury or death by fire, groups are heralding new efforts to ban the use of flame retardant materials now known to contain deadly carcinogenic compounds. The flame retardants in question are used on a number of household items used by consumers across the country.

Consumers in Line for Greater Protection from Harmful Chemicals

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently voted to issue a consumer warning about products that contain harmful toxins. The vote now sets in motion a debate that could result in new, stricter regulations governing the use of flame retardants on a wide array of consumer products:

  • The most notable among the products impacted include toddler and baby products, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and electronics cases or enclosures; and
  • Consumer groups have long pressured major retailers to discontinue stocking products containing harmful flame retardant chemicals.

Over the years, independent studies have documented a number of health issues related to flame retardant chemical applications:

  • Potential dangers to humans exposed to the identified toxins include cancer, neurological deficits, hormone disruptions, impaired fertility and other health problems; and
  • Newer research still under review and receiving further study indicates adverse health effects to the unborn as a result of some chemicals mimicking hormones during various stages of development.

This latest action by the Consumer Product Safety Commission is considered among the widest reaching efforts by the federal government to provide protection to citizens from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Maine Enacts Protective Legislation

Many groups, firefighters among them, are hoping action taken recently by Maine lawmakers will spur other states to follow their lead and ban the use of toxic flame retardant material on furniture. Beginning in 2019, the state of Maine will no longer allow the sale of new, upholstered furniture manufactured with materials that include greater than one percent of a flame retardant chemical.The law does not apply to furniture used in hospitals,

  • The law does not apply to furniture used in hospitals, jails, and schools, which, instead, will undergo testing;
  • The state will hire an environmental safety specialist to monitor furniture sales for two years following the law’s implementation.

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