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Illinois injury attorneyBecause there is virtually no federal role in workers’ compensation the payments and costs related to workplace injuries vary widely from state to state. In fact, a recent study showed that medical payments were as much as 24 percent higher in Illinois than the median cost in all other states.

What Is the Cause?

It is no secret that expenses related to insurance premiums and workers’ compensation expenses are factors that many employers weigh when considering whether or not to locate an operation in a particular state.


DuPage County workers’ comp attorney, workplace injury, injured workers, Illinois workers' compensation, workers' comp claimIf you are injured on the job, the Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation Act provides that you are entitled to medical care from doctors of your choosing. However, this right is not unlimited; there are restrictions.

The Two Doctor Rule

In Illinois, injured workers must follow the two doctor rule. This rule states that the employee can select up to two doctors for treatment for a workplace injury. Under this rule, the employee will usually select a general doctor or occupational medicine specialist, who can refer the employee to an unlimited number of specialists. The referrals do not count toward the two doctor maximum.



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