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The Dangers of Black Ice and Illinois Car Accidents

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IL injury lawyerThe difference between driving on a clear, sunny day compared to a rainy, snowy, cold day is striking. Inclement weather conditions can cause all sorts of problems on Illinois roadways. Any precipitation can make it difficult to see clearly when behind the wheel. In addition, wind only adds to the visibility problems. When the temperature drops below a certain level, water turns to ice. Black ice is a transparent coating of ice, found on a road or other paved surface. It can form after precipitation develops and then temperatures fall below freezing. This condition can be extremely dangerous for drivers because it often is not detected until it is too late. Car accidents involving black ice can be catastrophic. Drivers should take extra precautions during winter weather to avoid causing or being involved in a crash with severe injuries.

The Hidden Dangers of Black Ice

What makes black ice so hazardous is the fact that it is nearly impossible to see. Because it is transparent, motorists have a hard time detecting black ice at any time, but particularly at dusk or nighttime. In addition, it is more likely to develop on bridges and overpasses.

Below are a few key facts about how black ice forms and why it can be so treacherous:

  • Warmer temperatures or sun can trick drivers into believing there is no ice.
  • Different types of ice can be more dangerous.
  • There is no apparent source that caused the ice to form.
  • Fog and dew can form black ice.

The main problem with black ice is that once a vehicle hits it and starts to slide, a driver can easily lose control. This can lead to a collision with other cars, even causing a chain reaction crash. Automobiles can spin on the ice, ending up facing the wrong direction and susceptible to a head-on collision. Drivers can also inadvertently veer off into oncoming traffic lanes after sliding.

Driving Too Fast for Conditions

Traffic laws are put in place to keep motorists safe. Anyone traveling over the posted speed limit puts themself and others in danger. Even during clear weather, speeding can be risky. When ice is covering the streets, this compounds the potential consequences of driving too fast. Drivers who are speeding on ice may not be able to stop in time if a car in front of them suddenly brakes. For those who choose to operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs are considered impaired since these substances inhibit their ability to drive safely. Distracted drivers who are texting, talking on a cell phone, or reading a navigation system are all taking their attention away from the road and their surroundings. All of these reckless or negligent behaviors can turn deadly if a driver hits black ice and careens out of control, striking another car or pedestrian. A personal injury claim brought against the at-fault party can alleviate the financial and emotional damages suffered by a victim.

Contact a DuPage County Car Accident Attorney

Winter can wreak havoc on the roads and increase the chances of a car accident in Illinois. If you or your loved one were seriously hurt in a vehicle crash, you are likely facing mounting medical bills. A skilled DuPage County personal injury lawyer will be able to help you pursue a claim and hold any negligent parties accountable for your damages. At The Law Offices of David W. Clark, P.C., we have over 20 years of experience in securing fair compensation for car accident victims. Call us today at 630-665-5678 to arrange a free consultation.




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