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Vehicle Type Impacts Driver Safety in Crashes

 Posted on January 31, 2019 in Car Accidents

IL crash lawyerAutomobiles today have many different styles and variations. When buying a vehicle there are a multitude of factors to consider, such as gas mileage, how old the vehicle is, and whether or not you like the look of the vehicle. One of the most important factors that should be considered when buying a vehicle is how safe it is in the event of a collision. Vehicles have varying degrees of safety depending on a variety of factors, and one of those factors is the type of vehicle. There are three main vehicle types for passenger vehicles: small cars (sedans), pickups, and SUVs. Each of these types has a vastly different body type than the others, which impacts the likelihood of a collision causing an injury or death.

Head-On Crashes and Vehicle Type

Most crash test scores will simulate two vehicles which are the same size hitting each other. However, researchers at the University of Buffalo found that car size also impacts the result of a crash. It would make sense that a larger vehicle is going to do more damage to a smaller vehicle, but the study by the University of Buffalo illuminates how much of a mismatch there is between the two sizes.

When a car crashed head-on with an SUV in this study, the data indicated that the likelihood of death was 7.6 times higher for the car driver. If the car possessed a better crash-test rating than the SUV, the car had a small increase in the likelihood of survival, but they were still 4.5 times more likely to pass away than the person driving the SUV.

Safety Is Not Reliant on Car Size

Even though the results indicated the SUV driver was less likely to pass away in a head-on crash, that does not mean that SUVs are automatically the safer car. SUVs are much more likely to roll over than smaller vehicles. Rollovers are often fatal. The crash-test rating should also be considered when choosing a car. A vehicle rated “good” is 46% less likely to die in a head-on crash compared to a vehicle rated “poor.” Size may give you an advantage in terms of physics, but the crash test rating is going to give you a better overall idea of the safety of the vehicle.

Contact a Vehicle Collision Attorney

Driving is safer than it has ever been, but it does still carry a risk. If you have been injured in an automobile collision, you may need an experienced Wheaton personal injury lawyer. The Law Offices of David W. Clark, P.C. will take care of you with professionalism and compassion to reach a resolution in your personal injury case. You may contact us at 630-665-5678 to set up a free consultation.



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