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Who Is at Fault in a Multiple-Vehicle Car Accident?

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IL accident lawyerBeing involved in an injury-causing car crash is traumatic regardless of the circumstances. However, accidents involving more than two vehicles are often especially chaotic. In a multiple-vehicle collision, it can be hard to understand how the accident started and what each driver’s role in the accident was. This can make car accident injury claims even more difficult to navigate.

Many pile-up accident victims have questions about who is legally at fault for the crash. They also worry that they may be blamed for causing or contributing to the crash if their vehicle struck another vehicle during the hectic accident. If you or a loved one were in a chain-reaction car crash, pile-up, or a crash involving three or more vehicles, it is highly recommended that you contact a skilled car accident lawyer for help. Your lawyer can investigate the cause of the crash, protect your rights, and help you pursue compensation for your damages.

Disputes Over Liability in a Multiple-Car Accident

Many car accidents involving multiple vehicles become cases of he-said, she-said. Drivers may underestimate or outright deny their contributions to the accidents. Determining liability or fault for a car crash involving multiple vehicles is often a complicated process that involves the expertise of several different professionals. Accident reconstructionists often work closely with car accident lawyers in cases such as these. The car accident reconstruction expert may use evidence from the crash site, vehicle damage, and a deep understanding of physics to reconstruct how the accident unfolded. In some car accident injury cases, accident reconstructionists act as expert witnesses who provide sworn testimony about what they believe happened during the crash.

In addition to input from crash reconstruction experts, your lawyer may use evidence such as dash camera footage, the vehicle’s event data recorder, and eyewitnesses to build a case on your behalf.

What if I Am Partially Responsible?

Fault for a multiple-vehicle accident is rarely black and white. In many cases, multiple parties share fault for injuries and property damage resulting from the crash. Fortunately, Illinois car accident claims and personal injury claims operate under the legal theory of “modified comparative negligence.” This means that you can still recover compensation for your damages in an Illinois injury claim even if your own actions contributed to the injury-causing event. As long as you are not more at fault than the other parties, you may still be entitled to damages. Under comparative negligence, the amount of compensation that an injured person can recover for a crash is reduced by his or her percentage of fault. So, if you are found to be 10 percent at fault and your injuries led to $100,000 in damages, you could still recover $90,000.

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