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Who Is Liable for Injuries from an E-Scooter Accident in Illinois?

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IL accident lawyerElectric or “e-scooters” have become a popular mode of transportation throughout the United States in the past few years. These scooters are an environmentally friendly way for individuals to sightsee or move around busy city streets instead of taking buses, cars, and other vehicles that rely on fossil fuels. The city of Chicago launched a pilot program last year to test the efficiency and usefulness of e-scooters within certain areas of the city. The second phase of the test program started in August of this year and is expected to run until December. E-scooters are a fast way for suburban commuters to get from the train to their office building. In addition, many people are enjoying the outdoors by taking e-scooter rides after being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. As with any motorized vehicle, though, riders run the risk of injury if they are involved in an e-scooter crash. In some cases, an accident may be caused by the negligence of another e-scooter rider, manufacturer, or vendor.

Typical Injuries

According to Safety + Health magazine, the majority of injuries sustained while operating an e-scooter occur from falling off of the device. In other scenarios, two riders can collide with each other, or they can lose control and strike a bicyclist or pedestrian on the sidewalk.

  • A few of the most common types of injuries resulting from an e-scooter accident include:
  • Head trauma (concussion or TBI)
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Broken or fractured bones (wrist, arm, leg, ribs)
  • Punctured lung

Security Measures Increase Safety

This year’s program has shown improvement in securing the scooters after users complete their rides. Now, the e-scooters can be locked to bike racks, light poles, retired parking meters, or in designated corrals. Reports from the Chicago Sun-Times, scooter-related complaints to the city’s 311 non-emergency system have dropped by 60 percent compared to last year. When scooters are left on sidewalks, streets, or other walkways, other riders or pedestrians can hit or trip and fall over them, causing minor to severe injuries.

Regardless of how they occur, if you suffered an injury while on an e-scooter, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim if a negligent party is at fault. For example, if the scooter’s brakes or steering mechanism malfunctions, the manufacturer or vendor may be responsible. If they did not follow proper inspections or testing procedures, that may be considered negligence. In other cases, another rider, pedestrian, or car driver who is intoxicated or impaired in any way can directly cause your accident if he or she is not paying proper attention and crashes into you.

Contact a DuPage County Personal Injury Attorney

Electric scooters may be a viable transportation option for you if you are working or visiting the city of Chicago. However, an e-scooter crash can cause serious injuries. If you or someone you know was hurt after falling off or colliding with another scooter rider or a pedestrian, it is crucial to seek professional legal counsel. A diligent Wheaton e-scooter accident lawyer will assess the details of your case to determine liability for the injuries you sustained. For more than 20 years, the Law Offices of David W. Clark, P.C., have been helping victims of all types of accidents secure compensation for their damages. Call us today at 630-665-5678 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your case.





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