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You May Be Entitled to Compensation for Disfigurement Caused in an Auto Accident

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IL accident lawyerThe National Safety Administration reports that approximately 4.5 million people suffered injuries in car accidents in the year 2019 alone. Car crashes, truck crashes, motorcycle crashes, and other auto accidents cause billions of dollars in lost wages, medical bills, and other losses each year.

The financial impact of a car accident can be enough to nearly bankrupt a victim and their family. However, the consequences of a severe car accident are not only financial. Many traffic accident victims are left facing a post-accident future that differs dramatically from their life before the accident. The psychological impact of disfigurement and scarring can be just as devastating as other damages resulting from a wreck.

Understanding the Impact of Disfigurement After an Accident

For some car accident victims, injuries heal completely within a few weeks, months, or years. Other crash victims are left with permanent disfigurement that significantly impacts their everyday lives. Disfigurement may be caused by:

  • Burns – Accidents involving tanker trucks or flammable materials can lead to explosions and fires that cause horrible burns and disfigurement.
  • Amputation – Sometimes, injuries to a victim’s hand, arm, foot, or leg are too severe for doctors to save the limb. The limb may need to be amputated resulting in loss of functioning and disfigurement.
  • Facial lacerations and injuries to the face – Injuries to the face are not only painful, but they can also lead to permanent scarring and mutilation.

Injuries that change how the accident victims looks can lead to profound psychological and emotional suffering. Studies have shown that disfigurement can cause diminished self-esteem, difficulty handling social situations, and reduced quality of life. Many disfiguring injuries require skin grafts and reconstructive surgery to mitigate the disfigurement. These surgeries can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seeking Financial Compensation for Disfigurement

If you or a loved one suffered a disfiguring injury in a car crash, it is important to explore your legal options. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages, including:

  • Medical expenses – You may be compensated for medical treatments including plastic surgery and other surgical procedures, follow-up care, and psychological treatment like counseling.
  • Physical pain – You could recover compensation for non-economic damages like the psychical pain you suffered due to your injuries.
  • Emotional pain and suffering – Disfigurement can greatly impact a car accident victim’s quality of life. Financial compensation may also be available for mental and emotional suffering caused by the disfigurement.

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